Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Online Assignment # 2 -- Christina Spencer

My areas of focus for my professional certificate are: using a variety instructional strategies that make the learning meaningful and increase student learning, using a variety of assessment strategies, and integrating technology in the classroom. Through my web searches I have found many sites that will be useful in the implementation phase of this process. Often times I found sites that provide more than one use, sparked a focused reflection, or created the coveted "ah-ha" moment. Hopefully you will find these resources to be useful or interesting too.

Instructional Strategies:
-Instructional strategies for math specifically designed for students with learning disabilities or low math ability but could really be used as "best practices" for many abstract concepts in math
-This site had all sorts of goodies connected to it, they included: assessment strategies (all subjects), instructional strategies with references to research to support the strategy, assignments, and much more...

Assessment Strategies:
-This site was great, it provided several examples and tools for implementation

-One of my favorite tools associated with this site as a plan for creating appropriate scoring rubrics for student work

-This site focused on individual and peer assessment, each strategy had a visual sample and a rationale for its use

-I'm sure everyone noticed that the assessment website I chose was powered by one of the world leaders in technology. Intel is very supportive of education and has lots of ideas on how to integrate technology and the use of 21st century skills in the classroom.

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