Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Online Assignment #2 -- Kathy Loftus

Natalie, you are not alone in creating an account and posting ability. But here I am, I did something right, what I did, well I 'm not too sure.

1. Classroom Management

I found a site that was on our resource list. Education World

This site had many other topics as well. I went to the Classroom Management under the Strategy of the Week section. It listed many other sites to visit. Each site pertained to a specific topic about classroom management. For example one site talks about seating arrangements. How the seating arrangement can affect classroom management, how you can rearrange students seats and how it will change the classroom management. I am very excited to look into more of these sites to help me with some ideas to better my class room management. I also found a book titled: A Personal Guide to Classroom Management, by Michael Grinder, National Director NLP in Education. This book provides you with strategies that will help make classroom management very easy. I am interested in learning more strategies that will give me some ideas of how to work with my students.

2. Integrating Technology

I also used the same site as above, Education World,

This site has a technology integration section. I went to that section and then went to the site reviews, then clicked on PE and Health. Once I got there, I had many different sites to go to. The sites were interactive with the student, some were more informational and others were primarily for the teacher only. I am excited to be able to access these sites with my health classes. This will provide other ways for my students to learn, besides working from the book and work book.

3. Informing, Involving, and collaborating

I received a book from one of my professional growth team members. It is called, Strategies for Teachers, Teaching Content and Thinking Skills, by Paul D. Eggen and Donald P. Kauchak. The book focus' on what strategies to use to teach your students better. How to get your students to have a higher level of thinking and to better communicate to your student and their family. I am looking forward to continuing to read this book and gather some ideas from it to help the learning for my students to be more meaningful.

I also found a website that will give me ideas on what will help my communication with parents and students. This site has other sites and articles that you can go to that will give you ideas and strategies to use to help improve on communication and make it more effective. This site also had information on lesson plans, technology ideas, and many other subjects that would be helpful.

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Silvia Gomes said...


Thank you so much for posting a weblink that address collaboration with the home. I have struggled to find some good resources for this. I believe this to be area of our profession that though there is little information posted online (as of right now) is an area that needs much needed attention. Thank you for sharing!
Silvia Gomes